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Huge is a digital and web design agency that collaborates in partnership with some of the biggest businesses to design and develop mobile apps, websites and online platforms. The company’s approach to developing user-centric websites involves creativity, information and technological innovation, which helps the company craft digital experiences that most people love. Check out their social media channels to find out more details about several of their most popular websites.

Active Theory is a website developer firm that designs and builds applications, websites, and AR and VR experiences, especially for production of movies as well as entertainment. Active Theory is a website development firm which creates interactive websites.

Clay Global

Clay is a web design company, is focused on the development of websites and branding. The company is located in San Francisco, the company works with web branding teams of Fortune 100 startups and firms throughout the world. Clay is known for providing high-quality web designing services that increase conversion rates and provide users with an outstanding experience. fy6dvd6jcg.

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