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There are occasions where it’s susceptible to infection and may require removal. Nucleus Medical Media explains what circumstances can trigger gallbladder elimination and the process functions.

It’s found beneath the liver, and is an oval pouch. It attaches itself to the liver and small intestinal tract via tubes referred to for their “ducts.”

The term used in medical terms for this procedure is also called a cholecystectomy meaning “gallbladder removal. This might be needed for the presence of polyps or gallstones, or even Biliary Dyskinesia. This is a medical term for the gallbladder’s function not being optimal.

The surgeon will then insert tubular devices known as “trocars” which are inserted into small cut-outs in the abdomen. To allow the surgeon more space and to allow for more breathing space, carbon dioxide gas be also injected into it. A laparoscope is inserted through one port to observe the internal organs. Through the other ports special tools will then take out and cut off the gallbladder. Once the carbon dioxide has been removed The ports then be sealed off with sutures and skin tape.

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