Common Roof Problems that Means You Need a New Roof – Boston Equator


If your roof begins to crack, you could require it to be replaced. Roof repairs and replacements are among the highest cost expenses homeowners face. The lifespan of roofs is more than ten years. The video below shows the most frequent roof problems which could result in a necessity for replacing the roof.

The use of granules is to make roof shingles look more attractive. They protect asphalt roofing against the sun, wind as well as other elements of the environment. However they will still shed. It is now time for new shingles to be installed after all the granules have disappeared.

The possibility of leaks is also indications that your roof is becoming worn. The cause could be wind or just old age, but it’s best to detect those leaks before they don’t cause substantial damage further.

The video provides a lot of info on typical problems with roofs. Make sure to call professionals to inspect the roof since they are experts in exactly what they’re doing.


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