How Anyone Can Become a Bail Bondsman – Stock Prices History


The bail fund is used to pay for bail that allows release of defendants ahead of trial. The release of bond also allows the defendants the opportunity and the time to put together an effective defense.

While the requirements for becoming a bail bondsman differ between states but there are some basic eligibility rules that are common across the states. For a bonding license to be granted, you must be at or above 18 years old, as well as possessing a High School Certificate or General Equivalency Diploma. High school graduation is enough to become bondman most of the time. However, an associate’s qualification (in Criminal Justice) could be extremely beneficial.

The pre-licensing course has to be successfully completed, and it must also be successful in passing the exam for state licenses. Pre-licensing training must be at least 12 hours. It must be delivered through a reputable supplier. It is also necessary to have financial resources and the support of a surety company to satisfy any commitments to the surety. You must submit an application to the local authorities along with any required documents before the bail bondman to be appointed.

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