How to Speed Up Injury Recovery – Greg’s Health Journal


Apply ice the affected area throughout the all day. The application of a cold wrap to an injured area at a rate of 5 minutes every hour can help minimize swelling and inflammation.

Use an ice compress to the area of injury to decrease swelling till inflammation and inflammation are gone. If you are still experiencing swelling or inflammation in the place of injury, then continue to apply the cold compress on your injured region every one hour up to the point that you’re fully recovered.

While it is possible to minimize inflammation and swelling using a cold compress it’s also possible that additional factors can cause swelling and inflammation. These other factors could include injuries to the nerve, or joint injuries. Before you attempt to self-treat your injury, consult with a doctor. The ramps for wheelchairs are utilized to assist in moving to heal.


While it’s often believed that water is an essential element in maintaining a healthy body and mind, it actually can be extremely vital. Hydration is key to faster recuperation from injury. The quantity of water that you should drink to stay hydrated varies depending on the individual. It is generally recommended to drink between 8-10 glasses per daily.

It’s not all about drinking a simple water in its purest form. There are many other methods to drink your fill, like fruit or vegetable juice. Some foods to consider are raw fruits and veggies, including tomatoes and cucumbers which are rich in fiber like lentils and beans. They are high in water and can keep you well hydrated. For a quick and easy drink, create a fruit leather using dehydrated fruits such as apples and bananas.

One of the best ways to be sure that you’re getting enough fluids is by putting a line to your bottle of water. When you drink water from it, you should take a look and see how long the bottle is until you reach your desired amount of water. Once the bottle is fully filled, it will be clear that the water requirement is met.


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