What Is It Like Living With a Vision Disorder? – Free Health Videos


Attention must be paid to the following aspects:


It’s amazing to see how you can be impaired by vision issues in light. There is a need to clearly see things even when you have a problem with your vision. So, it is essential to

Place the lighting far from your eyes , and focus to the area of the subject.

Lighting fixtures, such as floor lamps, and illumination options are available for additional lighting in areas where eyes are restricted from reaching.

The use of window blinds is to regulate the amount sunlight from the sun that is required at any time.

Lighten any potential danger areas, such as the narrow hallways and staircases.


Your ability to distinguish the colors of objects is another way of how your life can be affected through a visual disorder. Low vision affects your ability to distinguish objects from their surroundings, consequently, you will require additional light sources to discern them. In order to help distinguish objects, you need to: employ dark and light hues to make a distinction between items you use regularly such as door frame. For instance, if the doors are white, then paint the frame in blue or black in order to help to distinguish between the two. To aid in identification, you can place the dark items on a light background or vice versa.

Labeling And Marking

To make it easier to find items quicker it is necessary to have a variety of labels. In order to help you label and marking things, you have to make use of bold colors on the labels as well as use color codes if you can for food medicines, spices, and other items. Use rubber bands to help you consume your medicine in the correct time, and also help you monitor your intake daily. Mark your most frequently used oven’s temperature setting so you don’t need to adjust it each time. p3cb61xvka.

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