Find the Best Casting Process for Your Aluminum Products – The Employer Store


Casting can be done through four ways that include permanent mold casting, investment casting and die cast. Each casting method have a distinct purpose nevertheless, there are locations and times that work for all.

As you need to design the mold every time you create a sand cast, it can prove difficult. Sand casting is the most economical option but they’re not the ideal choice for those who want a durable mold and high quality finishes.

Die casting, on the opposite, is one of the most expensive kinds. It can cost you hundreds of dollars. This technique is often used for large-scale projects such as the creation of kitchen cabinet knobs. If you require a large amount of product, this method should not be used. The investment casting method is appealing because it is possible to utilize any type of alloy metal for your project.

Last but not least Permanent mold casting needs to be taken into account when designing any aluminum items. It’s not much more expensive than sand casting, but you are able to use the same mold. The end product is stunning.


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