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in need of special attention or attention take the item to a dry-cleaner. Dry cleaners are able to clean clothing that are too delicate to dry without making them shrink. Keep reading to learn the details on dry cleaning.

You might be surprised when you learn that dry cleaning may not be completely dry. The clothes are moistened by the help of a solvent, not water. It’s a hydrocarbon, and is safe for clothing. With washing soap and mechanical motion and the clothing is cleaned and not need to go through the washing machine.

The clothing will be cautiously dried after completing the first phase. To dry and press the clothes, steam is used. It’s a great alternative to dryers that can shrink clothing making them unwearable. Once this process is finished when the clothes have dried, they are removed from the rack before being protected by plastic wrap to keep the clothes until pickup time!

Learn more about dry cleansing and the steps that go into it. Look at the video featured in this piece. It is a wonderful visual of the system for dry cleaning. Stop by your nearest dry cleaner for a free consultation now! You don’t have to be patient to clean your clothing.


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