What Is HCG and How Does It Help Weight Loss? – Health and Fitness Magazine


period with excellent results. Before embarking on HCG diets, it is crucial to understand what is the HCG diet entails.

HCG weight loss programs aim to help with weight loss using a number of distinct ways. The injections of human chorionic hormonal hormone are the main part of the program. It can be taken by mouth or through the injections administered by a doctor. At first, the HCG diet stimulates the insulin receptors in the body. In this way, the body will identify carbs as fuel. This allows the body to understand that carbohydrates are energy and avoid taking in any fat.

This hormone assists in reducing appetite. HCG assists in weight loss by inhibiting the production of the hormone cortisol. Stress hormones make it easier to develop cravings for sugar. The craving for food is often a result of emotions and stress. HCG assists in weight loss by allowing people to control their insulin and glucose levels. HCG can also be utilized to reduce hunger cravings.


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