Fixing a Leaky Pool – GLAMOUR HOME


The product she bought can be used to correct an issue with a leak. The first thing to do is put tape on the ladder in order to determine where the water level is and how much is leaking out. For confirmation that the water is well mixing shake the bottle. If you own the sand filter installed, make sure the nozzle is down to recirculate. It’s an excellent idea that you use your hose get water through the filter, since the water level is to a low level. Mix the solution in water. In order to fix the leak, the solution must run through the water. You will want to fill the remainder into your skimmer. The bottle will inform you that half is poured. It’s always a good idea to use gloves when you are dealing with chemicals. Make sure to use the right hose and make sure the solution goes into the Skimmer. Switch it on to make sure that it drains water out of the pool. If you’re keen to know more watch this video to learn more. imxro26xjz.

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