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Cost of pest control u use garbage cans that you can secure with rubber straps or hooks. When they search for food, raccoons could overturn garbage cans that don’t have a secure lock. You must also remember to scrub the garbage bins with bleach , so that they are free of odors that could attract raccoons.

If you’re a homeowner with poultry in your yard, it’s advisable to cover windows and doors tightly. The area should also be protected by chicken enclosures constructed from wire mesh fencing. The most effective way to stop rats is to install an electric element on your fence. The effect is to keep them from entering your property.

Racoon Removal

If you continue to have a nuisance raccoon, hire a professional pest control business. They can trap the raccoons for you. It is against the law to kill raccoons with poison. Be aware that there are regulations regarding removal of the raccoons. The mother raccoon cannot be removed from the of raccoon to the zoo until her children have been able to reach the point that they’re able to live by themselves.

Raccoons can do a good amount of destruction when they try to enter your property or house via in the crawlspaces, attics, or chimneys. Some times, they will be able to damage shingles and fascia boards so they are able to get inside. They can cause serious damage which can cost a lot of money to fix. If they do get inside your property, they might result in more destruction. To stop them from having access to the interior of your house be sure to line any possible entry points an i.e.


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