How Does an Automatic Transmission Work? – Car Talk Credits


Know the basic mechanics of how the automatic transmission works effectively? Understanding the various parallels between automatic and manual transmissions could help to find the right decision. Are you looking to fix your car’s automatic transmission? It’s crucial to be aware of how technology works to repair an auto transmission. As an example, automatic transmissions shift each gear within the specified speed range. On the other hand, manual transmissions unlock and lock various gear sets on the output shaft, allowing various gear ratios. Additionally, you must possess a thorough understanding of mechanics. The automatic transmission could have each ratio created through the same set of gears. The main mechanical component in an automatic transmission’s work is a planetary gearset.

Any person who wishes to make repairs to transmissions understand the various components that help the entire unit operate effectively. The planetary gearset is what makes an auto transmission function well, as we have previously stated. When dismantled, inside an automated transmission, a planetary gearset will be about as big as a ball or a melon. A planetary gearset is also responsible for the obligation of ensuring that each ratio is produced smoothly. The internal components of an automatic transmission are controlled by the planetary gearset.


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