How to Screen Print T-Shirts – The Art Museum


It is an excellent way to design printed t-shirts which are completely customized for the person who designs. This video will demonstrate how you can screen print your custom t-shirts.

Screens are the most essential element. The stencil is what is used to create the designs onto the shirt. You will also need transparency paper and a sheet transparent plexiglass.

Use the emulsion on the sides and the exterior of the screen using the scoop coater. Let it dry and clean away the spoon coater. Be sure not to expose the emulsion to light , or it can dry and damage the image.

There are various methods of designing the design, from using illustration software to drawing it with hand. Whatever works best for you. For a firm hold on your design, place plexiglass over the design. Then expose the image to the floodlamp for approximately two minutes.

Then, you can take your screen, and clean it outside. It is now time to print. It is possible to apply the design to any color of paint. Paint on and then squeegee off the excess.

All you have to do is to let the paint dry and you have an exclusive shirt. Check out the video below.


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