Watch As a Train Crashes Into a Car At Full Speed – Car Talk Podcast


A driver’s biggest nightmare is not cooling down enough when passing through the tracks. Crossing bars can be higher to signal approaching trains, and the lights turn off as soon as they’re. However, one driver committed a mistake and was stuck on tracks. After she was stuck at the track, the bars fell and the lights were turned on. It is clear to see the movements she was in panic on the video.

Thankfully, the woman on the video was alright, She may not have been thinking straight the moment she accidentally turned left onto the tracks, however she certainly was thinking fast to get out of the car quickly and away from harm’s way. It’s hard to imagine how many stuck in the car in a state of panic and shivering. Though the driver was not harmed, the car certainly was. The huge impact caused by the train resulted in the car going up. If the vehicle can be saved, it will require extensive repairs at your local auto repair shop. Let this be a lesson that you should not turn right onto trains and pay attention to where you are going.


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