How to Start a Power Washing Company – Business Training Video


referred to as a power washing company Learn what steps to be taking!

First, choose the name of your company! But, you’ll need to confirm that the name has not already been registered. This can be done via the IRS site or Secretary of States’s website. Start-up costs are incurred at the first step. This can be done all by yourself. This can help you save money, however hiring a professional will cost more.

A license allows you to legally work anywhere your company is located. If you don’t have an authorization, your company will be shut down. It would be best if you have personal accounts with your bank and the business accounts have two separate things! Insurance for general liability is also one thing you need to think about. Contact a legal professional to assure you that you have enough coverage to cover damages done on the job as well as possible injury to a worker the vehicle you drive, and many more.

Social media is crucial and vital. A website, along with a social media profile will bring you company exposure and also help promote your brand. This is just a few of the abundance of factors that you should consider in the beginning of your enterprise!


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