Is Telemedicine Better for Your Wallet? – Money Saving Amanda


Deo facilitates a dialogue between many people on how to improve the quality of care for patients through Telemedicine and mental health. It also discusses how major companies search for novel ways of delivering health care. Two individuals are among the most notable participants of the discussions. They are Elizabeth Mitchell (CEO and President of the Purchase Business Group) and Anjali Kamlanifrom Yahoo Finance.

The article discusses how pre covid health insurance policies were expensive, yet did not offer employees many options particularly for their the mental health issues. After covid, the demand for mental health care rose significantly. This discussion focuses on how home-bound employees still needed health services even when they had been in the home office. Health care options for employees in rural areas were limited after they returned to their jobs. Telemedicine in the field of mental health is one option growing in popularity which has proved to be more efficient. Businesses continue to demand plans that allow employees to access an online medical service for those suffering from mental health. Employers are searching for innovative options in health care, including telemedicine to treat mental illnesses.


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