What Should You Do on Your Phoenix Vacation? – Travel Videos Online


Activities for kids in the city of Phoenix. It is a round-up of parks, sites, and entertainment spots that are great for families.

It is a great idea to visit the Phoenix and Scottsboro region is brimming with activities outdoors. The hike through Papago Park is a great method to get children moving and to enjoy nature. Families and friends can take in the stunning Red Bute rock formations. It also has lagoons, swaying palm trees, and various hiking paths. The Desert Botanical Gardens is also an excellent outdoor destination. There is plenty to see here, including a large 148-acre managerie, which includes huge cacti, wildflowers an insect pavilion along with many more.

For some indoor entertainment, you can go with your kids to the OdySea Aquarium. Scottsdale hosts 300 marine species. OdySea Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the southwest. It is possible to take your children to a tour on wheels which allows them to view the variety of marine life for example, penguins swimming underwater. Now you know the many kids’ activities at Phoenix.


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