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The place is in the rural area of East Central Mississippi. Dan phoned his friend and asked him to make green onion sausages for him at the house. They made the green onion sausage with his Haaka Brothers Sausage Stuffer, Weston 8 Meat Grinder and sausage stuffers.

Dan talked about why the Haaka Brother Sausage Stuffer, that he purchased three years ago, seemed so new. He also discussed how the unit has been operating well. Though he enjoys the sausage stuffer, he thinks a more powerful model was available. The sausage stuffer is maintained and the grinder by cleaning all components following usage. He also sprays the whole machine by spraying it with silicone. The spray keeps the equipment running smoothly. He’s processed 400 pounds of sausage by using the two equipment and sausage stuffer equipment.

To seal the seasonings for his sausage, he utilizes FoodSaver. The seasonings may be stored by sealing them in vacuum. They’ll last for a quite a long duration. If the sausage is vacuum sealed, it is able to be preserved and utilized for a long time. He waits for the sausage to get cool in the fridge prior to vacuum packing it. The sausage is then vacuum-packed into the bags which belong to the supply of sausage stuffers. u6gu1rshy4.

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