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YouTube Channel INTEGRA Technologies offers a solution to some of the most challenging industry demands: Blackhawk hydraulic nuts.

These bolts attach to the bolts over the standard Hex nuts. The nut can then be connected to several hydraulic tubes which are powered via a single supply. This pressure provides the maximum quantity of surface area to the bolts. For a secure seal the locking collars must be rotated manually. The holes and hydraulics will be sealed to complete the entire process.

To remove the nuts that Blackhawk Hydraulics provides, the procedure is repeated, but in reverse. Operators are safe because of the ease of installation and removal.

As compared to the 10 hours needed for the installation of a hydraulic torque wrench, Blackhawk hydraulic nuts only require two hours for installation. Their accuracy in bolt loading is also significantly higher than the other alternatives on the market.

There will be no need for discovery and bolt works that might result in an unplanned turnaround time. Blackhawk hydraulic nuts can be utilized for tasks that require to be finished fast and efficiently. Blackhawk Hydraulics is the right option for people looking for the top.

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