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This Old House YouTube Video shows how to improve your electrical meter.

What is an electrical meter?
An electric meter measures the amount of power used in your home. The meter is usually installed at the rear of your home. While many are still old-fashioned, modern models have digital sensors and can send info directly to your energy provider.

Do you require a new an electrical meter?
Normally, you shouldn’t upgrade an electrical meters. You’ll need the help of an accredited electrician service in order to understand how it’s hooked to your electric line. Make sure you have the skills and permission from the power company.

Turn Off the Power
No matter if you are performing the upgrade yourself, or hiring an electrician perform the upgrade this, the system should be removed before you start it up. This isn’t only to prevent severe damage to the system in the event of issues. It also stops you from the technician from being injured by electrocution. A short voltage from the main power cable can lead to serious injury, burns, or even fatalities. egycg6pfo4.

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