Why It’s Important for Pediatric Patients to Transition to an Adult Provider – Health Advice Now



transition from their pediatric service to an adult.

While it is exciting turning 16, this also means more responsibility. At this age, patients tend to transition to adult services. When they reach the age of 18 the patient should be registered with an adult provider for all check-ups and concerns. Certain offices allow you to stay for longer periods of time but it is important to switch to an adult physician so that they can give you the best medical care that is possible.

Adult care allows adults to take on more of the responsibility and autonomy that comes as part of adult services. Families may encourage young adult to make appointment on their own, as well as going to visits independently. Another method to start taking charge of the medical treatment they receive taking their own prescriptions at the pharmacy.

The transition from a child’s provider to an adult one can be difficult, however when a connection is made, medical appointments are able to go without a hitch.


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