10 Stunning Bathroom Ideas – DIY Projects for Home


For a tranquil spa atmosphere, use r. If you’d like your bathroom space to be like a dressing area make use of brighter overhead lighting and make sure there’s ample illumination around the bathroom vanity.

It is also possible to add task lighting next to the mirror so that you can apply makeup or shaving. Make sure to include decorative lighting. Accent lighting may include any of the following, from wall sconces to beautiful chandeliers as well as string lights.

7. Rainfall shower heads and waterfalls

The idea of a rainfall showerhead, or waterfall is one of the top bathroom ideas. You’ll feel as though you stand beneath a waterfall without the water.

You can choose from a range of options to showerheads. The most popular are:

Rainfall showerheads are made to recreate the feeling of being beneath a shower. They’re generally mounted on the ceiling and have many jets, which create an even, gentle stream of water. Rainfall showerheads are quite similar to rain showerheads but they are less jet-like. The waterfalls down in one well-defined stream that gives the sensation of being in the real thing. Showerheads that are handheld: They’re perfect if you’re looking for the freedom to move your shower head around. They’re also perfect for kids and pets because you are able to easily move the showerhead around. tenh8a6fm8.

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