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Though they differed than what we have today, the foundations of law still remain present. This article will discuss the background and evolution of law in the modern world.

Hammurabi’s code is among the earliest examples of law. The Hammurabi law was a compilation of 282 laws. Every law not only stated what you couldn’t do however, they also outlined the punishments that you would receive from each law.

The codes can assist people to comprehend a large portion of today’s law. There were a variety of different kinds of law that were present. There are two kinds of law: common and family law.

The Old Testament also contains another set of laws throughout. Something that is interesting about the ancient testament is the fact that it has a lot of similarities between it and Hammurabi’s code. It’s important as it illustrates how Hammurabi’s Code served as an influencer for many rules throughout the history of humanity.

In the end, Hammurabi’s code laid the foundation for law in humankind throughout the history of mankind. Without the code, no one is to say what the future of law could appear like?


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