Window Glass Repair 101 – Awkward Family Photos


D for you and your family. This allows pests and weather to get into your home. This can compromise the security of your home. This video demonstrates how you can repair window glass with no the needing to hire a contractor.

First step is to determine the width and height of the window pane. Once you have these two dimensions, subtract a quarter of an inch off of both. This is the measurement of glass you’ll require. There should be enough space to allow the glass to expand and contract as temperatures vary.

The glazing should be removed and the glass must be cut out. Be sure to wear the right protective equipment to shield yourself from breaking glass. After the glass has been taken away, you can strip the glaze completely.

Install your new window with clips made of steel to keep it inside. Use putty and then glaze for sealing the window. Once the seal is set then paint the window in a manner that matches your trim.

It’s as simple as this. You should always have safety gear and a sharp knife on hand. Go to the picture above to see more details about window repairs.


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