Is Memory Care or Assisted Living Better for My Parent? – Outdoor Family Portraits


Here are some points to remember if you insist that staying with your parents is the best option.

Assisted living is for seniors who are mostly independent, nevertheless, require more assistance. Although they may require assistance in bathing, dressing and cooking, their minds tend to be very sharp. That is to say, they are more physically challenged as opposed to mentally.

Memory care, on the other hand, is designed for seniors with some type of greater memory loss. Seniors with more advanced memory loss might find it difficult to keep conversations going as they can forget the topic within a matter of a few seconds or minutes.

It’s essential to pick a facility that will provide the highest quality care for the mental health of your parents. It’s not only because they will get expert services but also because they’ll have the proper company. The elderly are most at ease with people with similar needs to their individual ones. It’s vital to consider this when choosing between memory care and assisted living care. Choose an establishment that will make your parent feel welcome and well-taken care of.


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