How Does Invisalign Work? – Dentist Offices


the teeth of your mouth, Invisalign can help. With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth, enhance the appearance of your smile and is almost invisibly. Learn more about Invisalign is and how it works.

It is recommended that you first see the dentist for impressions taken. The impressions are made through filling an impression tray impression material. Then, applying the material to the teeth. After the tray is set, it’s removed. Your impressions as well as your dental records will be sent to Invisalign.

These impressions are used in the creation of a digital image of your teeth . Based upon your dentist’s treatment plans, the software plans the teeth’s movement from the current location to the final desired position.

The program allows you to visualize how your dental smile will appear following the treatment. When you have been approved by both you and your dentist of almost invisible aligners can be made specifically for your needs in order to keep track of the phases of the treatment plan by Invisalign.

Learn more about the ways Invisalign operates and whether it’s right for you, take a look at the following video!


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