Abbotts Guide to using the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Self Test – Health and Fitness Tips


Self-test kits can be a convenient method to check for COVID-19. The following video offers an instruction on how you can make use of to test for COVID-19. BinaxNow COVID-19 Self-Test Kit.

After receiving the kit, review the manual. The package typically contains two kits to test the speed of light. It is recommended to use the test kits daily at a minimum up to 24 hours between testing. Tests repeated over time increase the probability of finding COVID disease and also prevents you from spreading the infection to others.

The box also contains 2 test cards, as well as 2 dropper bottles. Two swabs are included as well as an COVID-19 instructional booklet. The test is generally conducted by using gloves and a timer. Prior to beginning the test, wash and sanitize your hands. A test card, a dropper, and one cotton swab are required. Take out the test card and scrutinize it for an area of blue. Contact the manufacturer of the test kit for a substitute if the blue line is not present. Then follow the steps in this video to carry out the test correctly.


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