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If your furnace is damaged during the cold winter months, it’s among the first signs that you discover. The repair of your furnace could be a long time, based on where you live. It’s essential to avoid delaying a furnace problem that could result in serious harm. If your furnace doesn’t work the reason could be a vast variety of reasons. Some require only small maintenance and others that require an entire replacement installation. The video below, we will review the most common furnace problems and how in order to stop them and repair these issues.

The inefficient flame sensor can be the champion of furnace issues. To gain a better understanding at your furnace’s condition, simply remove the cover made of metal. If the sensor is dirty, it causes the flames to disappear about 4 to 5 seconds after the light has been lit. For this issue, remove the flame sensor, which is actually a basic rod of metal that connects on the inside of your furnace, and give it a thorough clean. The most frequently encountered issue is due to a dirty air filter. You can buy these at any home improvement store And replacing them is an easy task.


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