These Tornadoes Spin Backwards!? – The Film Frame


The nature of a particular kind of tornado remains to be discovered. This video will demonstrate the way anticyclonic tornadoes spin in reverse.

In the northern hemisphere tornadoes rotate counterclockwise. They turn counterclockwise within the southern part of the hemisphere. Tornadoes that follow this rule are called cyclonic tornadoes. The majority of tornadoes, that is the case. Yet, 2 percent of tornadoes spin backwards. They are referred to by the name anti-cyclonic storms.

Anti-cyclonic tornadoes can be accompanied by cyclonic tornadoes. In fact, anti-cyclonic tornadoes usually develop as satellites to the tornadoes. These tornadoes often form in the event of a back flank downdraft near the mesocyclone. Storm chasers may be surprised by this. They might be focused on the cyclonic tornado just to see an anti-cyclonic tornado develop above them. This aspect of surprise is the reason they are so deadly. This video shows an anticyclonic tornado. It is gorgeous due to the fact that it has gathered vast quantities of dirt.


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